We take academic research relevant to the EDI challenges individuals face and develop practical accessible training that gives participant the confidence and practical approaches they need to make a difference. All our training is tailored to your specific context. Importantly our training is designed to aid transfer back to the workplace – ensuring that our courses are not just one day wonders or ‘tick – box exercises.

Unconscious Bias and Conscious Inclusion 

Incorporating the recommendations from our review of the evidence for the effectiveness of unconscious bias training for the Equality and Human Rights Commission our training uniquely incorporates insights form behavioural science which helps participants understand why good people can still be biased and what they can do to manage and mitigate bias and how to be consciously inclusive instead. Working with you we will incorporate your own data, craft realistic case studies and signpost policies and initiatives that the training is connected to a real commitment by the organisation to do things differently

 Our training can be general or have a greater focus on either race and ethnicity or gender as required. Specific courses can be developed for managers, recruiters, and customer facing staff. For Higher Education Institutions specific courses can be developed for lecturers and teaching staff as well as Admissions.

Race Equality Training

Many individuals can feel uncertain about what to say or do when it comes to race and ethnicity. In a similar vein EDI and HR professionals, diversity champions, and leaders can feel challenged by the complexity of race and ethnicity. Built on insights from behavioural science our race equality training can span from helping individuals to get comfortable with the basics of language and establishing good rapport when interacting with ethnically and racially diverse individuals to understanding how to achieve organisation wide strategic change to improve race equality. 

Conversations about race training 

We will draw on our depth of experience delivering training that develops confidence about having conversations about race. Drawing on insights from behavioural science, both BAME and White people come to understand why it can often be those most highly committed to being non-prejudiced that can end up being the most anxious when connecting across difference, and the simple things they can do to bridge this divide. 

Introduction to Race Charters

Our training helps those involved in implementing race charters increase their confidence as well as their capacity to engage with them successfully. The training explains the theories and change methodologies that underpin Race Charters so participants understand why as well as what each aspect of the Charter will entail and how best to meet these requirements.  Race Charter training can be offered as a combined workshop with our Race Equality training 

Inclusive leadership training 

Drawing on relevant behavioural science our inclusive leadership training enables leaders to understand what the people they lead need to experience psychologically as well as practically if they are to feel excluded. Leaders will learn what –at all levels of their influence – organisation- team – individual they need to put in place to create inclusive spaces. Drawing on international research leaders will explore the challenges to inclusion and what they can do to meet these challenges. 

Sponsor and Career Advocate training 

Our workshop provides a face to face opportunity for potential and existing sponsors to explore the differences race can make to this powerful career enhancing relationship. By the end of the workshop participants will increase their confidence and capacity to have explore the career barriers through the lens of race and ethnicity as well as a range of career activities and accelerators.  

Inclusive Champion/Ally Training 

This training provides participants an opportunity to explore what it means to be an ally to underrepresented ethnic and racial groups. The programme will cover racial advantage and privilege as well as racial disadvantage.  As well as learning how to personally act as an ally and create inclusive relationships the programme will also explore how to create inclusive spaces on a more strategic level. 

Leadership training for underrepresented groups (women and BAME).

Our leadership training for underrepresented aspiring leaders enables them to understand what underpins the career barriers they face and what can be done about them. Armed with this knowledge participants will be in a better position to navigate the challenges they face in a conscious and strategic manner. Participants will recall the character and leadership qualities they will have developed by meeting the challenges they have already overcome to achieve their success so far and will learn how to harness their ‘cultural capital to achieve and exceed their career goals.  

Protégé training for underrepresented groups 

Offered in tandem to our Sponsor and Career Advocate training this workshop develops the understanding that proteges from underrepresented groups need if they are to make the most of the opportunity offered to them through formal sponsorship schemes. Participants will learn about the additional aspects of the career barriers they face, and the career enables that will enable them to best harness the opportunity offered by having a sponsor to overcome them. 

Confidence building workshop

Confidence is often raised as a factor undermining the leadership potential of women and other groups underrepresented amongst the ranks of middle and senior managers. Even when women gain an excel at as a leader they can still fell like an ‘imposter’ and be troubled by feelings of inadequacy. Our workshop introduces participants to insights gleaned from neuroscience and behavioural science that help us understand what can lie behind subjective feelings of a lack of confidence and approaches for resolving ‘lack of confidence’ moving forward.