We take academic research, identify the relevance for the EDI challenges individuals face and develop practical accessible training that gives participant the confidence and practical approaches they need to make a difference. All our training is tailored to your specific context. Importantly our training is designed to aid transfer back to the workplace – ensuring that our courses are not just one day wonders or ‘tick – box exercises.

Due to Covid 19 and the restrictions on our movements in recent times, many of us have had to transfer our work to the virtual world. Working closely with our clients, Sea-Change Consultancy has transferred our workshops from face to face delivery to virtual with great success. 

Our Inclusive Leadership, Unconscious Bias and Race Equality programs have been adapted and set up to run virtually through Zoom and have been received with enthusiasm and great engagement.   The breakout rooms within this platform have been highly successful with participants enjoying the opportunity to talk in a confidential space.

Consultancy and research including the running of focus groups and 121 interviews are continuing as companies are conscious of the importance of mental health and wellbeing and staying connected with colleagues in these difficult times.

Staff are allowed to attend training whilst on furlough so their staff can improve their professional and personal development whilst off work.  

These discussions have never been more important!

We will continue to run all our training sessions and workshops virtually for the foreseeable future as this option for personal development has never been more important and here is why.

Working from home in normal circumstances can be very isolating and giving people the option to engage and train online is important.  It gives a feeling of connection, positivity and enables organisations to deliver the  programmes that are vital to their staff.

COVID – 19 has hit BAME groups particularly hard.  This could be due to a number of factors.  The Guardian newspaper recently did an article outlining a number factors such as socio-economic and other health inequalities that could be at play. However a recent analysis of the deaths of BAME NHS workers suggest that intersectionality of race and gender could be  involved. Ensuring fair and equitable treatment of BAME staff has never been more important. Useful resources for supporting staff during this period can be found here.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 will have a significant impact on how we work, travel and engage with others in the future so engaging and connecting to discuss these issues has never been more important and we have found it to be a real benefit to all our participants.

Frequently asked questions

What platform do you use?

We use Zoom because it offers the functionality to divide participants into smaller groups in which they can work together to do exercises and carry out discussions. Participants can also simultaneously write on a shared white board in the same way that a group would write up a flip chart. These functions, plus other functionality such as polls and chat (which are similar to other platforms) make Zoom workshops the closest thing to a face to face available.

What is the length of the training?

The length of training generally stays the same as the original face to face sessions, because with Zoom the group activities remain the same. Generally the programme will take slightly longer because of the need to coach participants in how to use the functionality.

Does the programme schedule would change due to group activities not being possible?

The schedule would remain the same, though the way exercises are operationalised for the Zoom environment means they happen differently.

Is it possible to split the training into different sessions to allow staff who are working different patterns from home to attend?

Yes, this is possible, and a discussion can be held around this to see what pattern of training would suit you best.

Have you had good results hosting events etc. through Zoom?

We have heard from clients that the Zoom functionality – a mixture of interpersonal distance but confidentiality within the breakout rooms – actually makes it easier for some people to tackle difficult topics such as having conversations about race. Participants are also valuing the connection between each other that is different from meetings. Some-thing fresh and interesting that breaks the monotony some people are experiencing during isolation.

How secure is Zoom?

There have been concerns raised about how secure Zoom is and Zoom as a company have been working extremely hard to make sure the platform is secure and the most important security features are now the default. Have a look at this page for the latest information.

How can I find out more?

Please do get in touch at

Visit Sea-Change Consultancy for more information on the training and consultancy we provide

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