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Case study of exemplar NHS Trusts that have successfully diversified their Talent Pipelines

Case study of exemplar NHS Trusts that have successfully diversified their Talent Pipelines

The journey towards a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical for any organization, and the NHS Trusts have been making significant strides in this area. The detailed case studies of Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust, and West London NHS Trust, as extracted from Sea-Change’s report for the NHS Leadership Academy, illustrate varied approaches and successes in diversifying their talent pipelines.

Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust serves a diverse population, with a workforce composition that mirrors its community. With 80% of staff identifying as female and 24% from ethnically minoritized backgrounds, Bradford has focused on increasing representation and fair career progression.

Key initiatives include:

  • Diversity Reports: Regularly published reports and comparison analyses to monitor workforce diversity.
  • Moving Forward Programme: Aimed at enhancing the career progression of BAME staff through self-awareness, job coaching, and leadership training.
  • Health and Wellbeing Conversations: Initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic, these conversations have been integrated into appraisals, addressing various staff needs and fostering a supportive culture.
  • Secondment Policy: Formal processes for secondment opportunities ensure fair selection and ongoing support for career development.

The trust has seen significant improvements, including increased BAME representation in senior roles and higher disclosure rates of disabilities among staff.

Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust

Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust has over 7,000 staff providing services to a diverse urban population. Their comprehensive data collection and analysis have been crucial in identifying disparities and driving improvements in career progression for BAME and disabled staff.

Notable strategies include:

  • Talent Management Strategy: Utilizing the NHS Scope for Growth model, tailored leadership and management workshops, and strategic project assignments.
  • Inclusive Approach: Ensuring proportional representation of protected characteristics in all programs and real-time demographic assessments.
  • Equality Advocates: Diverse interview panels with trained equality advocates who have the power to veto decisions to ensure fair recruitment processes.
  • Regular One-to-One Meetings: Focused on job satisfaction and addressing issues early to reduce turnover and improve engagement.

This inclusive and data-driven approach has resulted in consistent increases in BAME representation in senior roles and improved perceptions of fair career progression.

West London NHS Trust

West London NHS Trust is one of the most diverse healthcare providers, focusing its efforts on addressing ethnic disparities in staff experience and career progression.

Key interventions include:

  • Talent Pool: Regularly updated and monitored to ensure diversity. Staff in the talent pool receive tailored career development and mentorship.
  • Diversity Champions: Trained individuals who ensure fairness in recruitment and can veto decisions if necessary.
  • Health and Ability E-Form: An intelligent form to streamline the disclosure of disabilities and ensure necessary adjustments are made promptly.
  • Leadership Initiatives: Including BAME leadership programs and secondment opportunities to provide experience and networking for career advancement.

Their efforts have led to a significant increase in BAME representation in senior roles and a more inclusive and supportive work environment.


The initiatives taken by these NHS Trusts demonstrate the importance of a comprehensive, data-driven approach to diversity and inclusion. By addressing specific barriers, providing tailored development programs, and ensuring fair recruitment processes, these trusts are paving the way for a more inclusive healthcare workforce. Their successes and ongoing challenges offer valuable insights for other organizations striving to achieve similar goals.

For a detailed look at the strategies and outcomes of these case studies, please refer to the attached report.