Ryan is a Psychologist who is passionate about helping organisations cultivate supportive and psychologically healthy environments for all members of their workforce. Ryan’s work has included research and design into the formulation of bespoke systems used to improve the identification and reporting of bias, as well as research contributing to the improvement of inclusivity within organisational leadership teams.

At the British Psychological Society (BPS), Division of Occupational Psychology (DoP) Conference 2020, Ryan presented his research alongside Doctors and Professors of Psychology, which explored the experiences of African and Caribbean professionals in the workplace; specifically investigating perceptions of ethnic discrimination, career progression and self-efficacy.

In his consultancy work, Ryan has been involved in various diversity and inclusion initiatives. This has included conducting in depth reviews on organisational processes and co-delivering training sessions designed to improve fairness and reduce unconscious bias within the recruitment process.

Ryan has also co-delivered training sessions designed to improve the coaching skills of leaders and is passionate about affecting behavioural change through coaching conversations, supporting clients in identifying and improving areas of development, so to enhance their well-being and levels of success.