Unconscious Bias and the Science of Conscious Inclusion

Our unconscious bias training is based on the recommendations of our review of the evidence for the effectiveness of unconscious bias training for the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Incorporating insights from behavioural science our training helps participants understand why good people can still be biased, what they can do to manage and mitigate bias and how to be consciously inclusive instead. Working with you we will incorporate your own data, craft realistic case studies and signpost relevant organisational policies and initiatives. This not only gives the training credibility by demonstrating the organisations real commitment to do things differently but also helps foster participant’s commitment to action following the course.

Our unconscious bias training can either be general or have a greater focus on either race and ethnicity or gender as required. Specific courses can be developed for managers, recruiters, and customer facing staff. For Higher Education Institutions specific courses can be developed for lecturers and teaching staff as well as for those involved in Admissions.

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