Jannett Morgan

Jannett Morgan is an international teacher, trainer, consultant and coach with over fifteen years’ experience in further and higher education and more recently as a leadership and management training provider in the private sector. From 2008-10, Jannett was London & South associate regional manager for the Network for Black Professionals (NBP), an award winning national social justice organisation that played a pivotal role in diversifying the leadership profile in further and higher education. From 2014-16 Jannett delivered Preparation for Work Skills employability programme for at Ekurhuleni West College in Johannesburg. Since 1998, Jannett has supported students and employees with ‘hidden’ disabilities, mainly the neurodivergent learning differences of dyslexia and dyspraxia, working part-time as a neurodiversity tutor at several universities and as an independent consultant in the workplace. Jannett is currently associate programme director for Diversifying Leadership, the Advance HE programme for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) early career academic and professional services employees, and is co-author of the Sponsor Toolkit, a resource for advocates and career enablers.



SE10 0TS